XTA aspires to produce the most current and up to date HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and IT (Intensity Training) fitness programmes and educational matters available. The trainers who deliver these programmes must also be capable of doing so in a safe, educational and professional manner; therefore we provide a series of CPD training workshops that trainers and instructors are expected to attend on a regular basis.

N a t i o n a l   A w a r d s   a n d   Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s:

1st4sport LEVEL 2 HIIT AWARD (£450, £75 bursary available)

Forthcoming courses: 11th-12th May, 15th-16th Jun, 10th-11th Jul, 10th-11th Aug, 14th-15th Sep 2017.

This award is designed to provide benefit to learners on the basis that it prepares them for employment as a HIIT instructor using Xtreme music. An individual who has successfully achieved this award will be able to safely plan, deliver and evaluate HIIT sessions.  In attending the award, learners are introduced to Xtreme music and have an understanding of how to apply it to high intensity internal training. Learners will have the understanding to provide safe and effective training classes to a range of individuals including children and adults.

Currently available with:

– £100 Bursary,
– 0% interest payment plan,
– reduced Insurance through Insure4sport,
– exclusive membership to XTA yearly CPD training,
– job opportunities.


Xtreme Training Academy will teach, guide and mentor learners who want to pursue a career in the Health and Fitness Industry as a fitness instructor in the context of gym – based exercise.

To qualify for the 1st4Sport L2 certificate in Fitness Instructing, learners must successfully complete four mandatory units and two mandatory units from their chosen pathways obtaining a minimum of 23 credits.


This course is designed to give you all you need to become an XTA HIIT/IT instructor to be able to deliver safe, informative, educational IT to children and safe, informative group exercise HIIT to adults, as well as having a full understanding or exercising to music, choreography, class design, anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and much more.

This combination package consists of:

– XTA own exclusive L2 Xtreme Adults HIIT Award and the Fun Fit Kids IT and healthy lifestyle education, this is a two day intense course of theory and practical sessions at the training venue.
– EMD own L2 Exercise to Music Qualification, this is approximately six weeks of e-learning followed by four practical days at the course venue
– Once qualified learners will a teachers and instructors membership with EMD and XTA which will include a years teaching insurance.

Normally £1139, special price of £1039 which is inclusive of a £100 bursary deduction.


The Level 2 + 3 + 1st4Sport Level 2 HIIT Award is a combination of the:

– Level 2 Gym Instruction Qualification
– Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
– 1st4Sport Level 2 HIIT Award

This is a chance to be able to complete all three under the one combination qualification and award at the same time, incorporating Adult HIIT and Children’s IT (Interval Training).


Xtreme Training Academy will teach, guide and mentor those learners who wish to become a personal trainer. This qualification can lead to employment or self-employment as a personal trainer or promotion to the role of a personal trainer for a fitness instructor already employment. Guided learning hours for this qualification is 245 learning hours.

To qualify for the L3 certificate in Personal Training learners must successfully complete seven mandatory units obtaining a minimum of 36 credits.

W o r k s h o p s:


Forthcoming workshops: 10th Apr, 8th May, 12th Jun, 13th Jul, 7th Aug, 11th Sep 2017.

This provides the skills required to produce and deliver a basic Xtreme adult class safely and effectively and give the instructor the title of an Xtreme Instructor.

Basic knowledge of the five foundation movements of Xtreme, the contraindications of HIIT training, how to structure an Xtreme class and working with our unique training music, and to finally gain certification to teach a safe and fun Xtreme class.

All Xtreme instructor’s theoretical and practical skills are assessed formally by written and practical exams, and assessed periodically during a contracted term as an Xtreme Instructor.

FUN FIT KIDS (1 DAY - £218)

Forthcoming workshops: 11th Apr, 9th May, 13th Jun, 14th Jul, 8th Aug, 12th Sep 2017.

This licenced programme has been developed to support a new product “Fun Fit Kids”.

A stand alone programme providing Interval training (IT) specifically designed for children from the ages of 4-16. All these programmes will incorporate various well-being, health & fitness subject matters.

This workshop will give the basic skills to be able to teach children the Fun Fit Kids programme effectively and safely within the Xtreme Training Academy guidelines, and further in-depth knowledge of the core principles behind these movements and how they may aid a child’s fitness development.


– First Aid at Work (3 days, £235)
– First Aid at Work (Re-qualification; 2 days, £155)
– Emergency First Aid (1 day, £90)
– Peadiatric First Aid (1 day, £90)


– Preventive Injury Back (1/2 day, £75)
– Preventive Injury Shoulder (1/2 day, £65)
– Preventive Injury Knee (1/2 day, £65)
– Preventive Injury Ankle (1/2 day, £65)
– Preventive Injury Hip (1/2 day, £65)

The trainers and instructors that deliver their chosen qualifications are representing Xtreme Training Academy (XTA) and other regulating governing bodies and by doing so, must adhere to all health and safety guidelines as set out by each governing body.

For all our awards/qualifications and Adult Xtreme & Fun Fit Kids workshops the instructors have to produce the following :
• basic anatomy & physiology with a minimum two years of experience,
• current DBS certificate,
• current basic First Aid Certificate,
• public Liability Insurance (if relevant),
• safeguarding.
In addition for our Level 2 HIIT Award the instructors will require a Level 2 Qualification or above within the fitness industry or a recognised equivalent.